What services can I provide and can I start my own Anger Management Business?

Questions: I completed my certification with your program. I’m sending you this email to ask you, once I complete my master degree in Counseling Psychology, how can I become a CAMS-II? I am currently CAMS-I since August; after my career completion I would like to provide individual sessions. Another question will be, should I renew the certification with your program in the future or only with NAMA every year? I bought the Anger Management Institute Starter Kit, should I complete an specific process besides getting mandated licenses from my state to provide these services (individual and group sessions) in my own business? or with you and NAMA certification, Am I able to operate?

Thanks for your time in advance. I hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Friend,
Thanks for writing. I can answer some of your questions. You do need to be a licensed clinical professional counselor or a licensed clinical social worker or certified as an addictions counselor to qualify for the NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-II (CAMS-II) credential once you have finished one of our distance-learning or live workshop programs. Once you are licensed or certified officially by the state and have malpractice insurance to practice independently as a counselor – then you would qualify for CAMS-II.
As a CAMS-I you are qualified to provide educational classes, seminars, workshops or groups. NAMA does not authorize providers who hold a CAMS-I credential to provide individual sessions as that is considered treatment and should only be offered by those qualified in the State as LCPCs or LCSWs, CADC, etc.
Providing anger management treatment as a CAMS-I only would be considered holding yourself out as an independent practitioner–licensed in your state as a counseling professional.
Please read the qualifications required by NAMA for the different levels on their site: www.namass.org
The Anger Management Institute does not require renewal. You received a certificate of completion for our workshops. Renewal is required by the National Anger Management Association to keep your certification and membership active on an annual basis.
I recommend that you only provide educational services and stay within those boundaries until you fully qualify for the CAMS-II.
You can make a business card and offer educational services to agencies and organizations to provide anger management classes and workshops in their venues. That will also reduce liability.
Operating a business without full licensure to practice as an independent counselor within the State could subject you to liability.
Stay within the boundaries of your training and adhere to the code of ethics and you will protect yourself from lawsuits and protect clientele.
Hope this helps!
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Many blessings, Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V

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