National Anger Management Association Certification Benefits

Joining and becoming certified by the National Anger Management Association will provide you with national credentials in the anger management field. NAMA is the only professional organization setting standards in anger management led by experts who have been authoring, teaching and doing research in this field for over 20 years.
The Anger Management Institute is encouraging all professionals and leaders in anger management to obtain the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) credential: Certified Anger Management Specialist and to join NAMA. The Anger Management Institute training programs have been approved and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association since 2009. If you have completed one of our training workshops or home-study programs – you qualify for the NAMA: Anger Management Specialist designation.
Dr. Pfeiffer, President of NAMA and Growth Central writes: “Certification by and membership with NAMA offers numerous benefits including:

  • Nationally recognized Anger Management Specialist Certification – this means that you are recognized as having nationally standardized credentials to help you become a local community leader in the field of Anger Management. When you apply for Specialist-I Certification you automatically become a Member of NAMA.
  • Listing in the very popular online NAMA Member & Specialist Directory for referrals and credential check. The NAMA website provides you with an electronic Internet link to your professional community. Through the online Directory it also allows the general public access to search for anger management specialists in their vicinity and for courts, businesses, others needing to refer people to anger management programs. The Directory allows members to check and edit their own listing.
  • Opportunities to network with the top Anger Management professionals and experts in the field.
  • Support NAMA’s continuing efforts with legislative advocacy, marketing, and research to sustain all our Anger Management Programs.

“Unless we organize to represent our own interests in the field of anger management, we will be defined by others whose interests may not correspond with the welfare of the general public or those who work daily to provide these services.”
Dr Rich Pfeiffer, President of the NAMA Board of Directors

Register now for the upcoming May (Wed. evenings or Saturday mornings) Anger Management Trainer-Specialist Certification Workshops! The next 2 day workshops will be held  August 23-24, 2012.

Co-sponsored by the Anger Management Institute and the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).
You can obtain certification as an Anger Management Trainer-Specialist at this live event or take the self-paced DVD home-study program! Certification and presentations are based on the What’s Good About Anger? Third Edition (2010) book and Trainer’s manual geared for a general readership. Live workshops are approved by the:

  • National Board of Certified Counselors for 12 NBCC CEs: Provider ID#SP-1305.
  • National Association of Social Workers for 12 CEUs: Provider ID# 886526264.
  • IAODAPCA for 13 CEUs: program # 10709.
  • Evidence-based programs Read summary by Dr. Bartley here.

Read about the training workshops here
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