What is Anger Management Trainer & Specialist Certification?

What is Anger Management Trainer/Specialist Certification?
The Anger Management Institute offers certification in anger management for mental health counselors, social workers, pastors, educators, health professionals, probation and law enforcement officers, leaders and facilitators through our distance-learning courses and trainer certification workshops.
These programs provide participants with skills for teaching, coaching and counseling clients and students to manage their anger. The curriculum includes topics covering an overview of anger, assessment and progress tools, effective and research-based strategies for managing anger, 12-week guide for teaching groups or coaching individuals, marketing tips, facilitation skills and more!
Two designations are granted: Certified Anger Management Trainer with the Anger Management Institute (AMI) and Certified Anger Management Specialist-1 with the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).
How can I be certified?
Once you complete the live workshops or a DVD home-study program – you will be credentialed as a CAMT: Certified Anger Management Trainer through the Anger Management Institute.
After attending the workshops participants also qualify to become a National Anger Management Association “Anger Management Specialist-1” upon application and payment of the NAMA $100.00 membership fee. After successfully completing the AMI DVD training program participants need to take 4 phone supervision sessions (extra fee) with the Anger Management Institute. Then, participants may apply and pay the NAMA membership fee to receive the specialist designation.
Visit the Anger Management Institute shopping mall for a description of the new 7.5. hour DVD home-study program and the live 2-day workshops.
Register for the August 5-6, 2010 workshops by downloading this PDF registration form.  Licensed professionals will receive up to 12 CEs when you attend both days. Approved for 12 CEs by the National Board of Certified Counselors and the National Association of Social Workers. Call Lynette Hoy to register at: 708.341.5438.
Can I use this certification from the Anger Management Institute to teach Anger Management classes?
…Yes, absolutely. Currently, there are no state laws that regulate anger management providers; therefore, trained and certified providers by credentialed programs should offer anger management classes, groups and courses.

What makes your organization reputable?
… The National Board of Certified Counselors and the National Association of Social Workers have both approved the Anger Management Institute Trainer’s Workshops for continuing education training (total 12 CEs) for LSWs, LCSWs, LPCs, LCPCs and NCCs. Our program has been accepted and approved by the U.S. Probation Office in Tacoma, Washington, and the Cook and McHenry County Circuit courts in Illinois.
The National Anger Management Association: http://www.namass.org/ has approved and endorsed our trainer programs – both home-study and live workshops – qualifying participants to become a NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-I immediately after attending the 2 day training; or after taking a home-study program plus 4 phone training sessions.
Our core trainers are experienced, professional marriage and family counselors. Each has been designated -Certified Anger Management Specialist-IV, Diplomate, Supervisor and Consultant with the National Anger Management Association: James Bedell, PsyD., Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, and Steve Yeschek, LCSW.
Lynette is the co-author of all the What’s Good About Anger? editions and the author of all workbooks and trainer manuals. James, Lynette and Steve have trained hundreds of clients, students and professionals in anger management.

Lynette J. Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-IV
CounselCare Connection, P.C. – Anger Management Institute
630-368-1880, ext.1

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