Anger and Forgiveness…2/2/07

1. Here’s the latest Quick Tips for Managing Anger podcastAnger, Forgiveness and Consequences.  This episode tackles the question: Does Forgiveness = no Consequences? And- does forgiveness mean that relationships should stay the same?

2. Also, Dr. Ray Pritchard appeared on the 100 Huntley Street TV show today to talk about his new book: The Healing Power of Forgiveness. You can play or download this show here:
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   Fri Feb 02/07
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Ray Pritchard – Forgiveness
Kelita, Report

Visit Dr. Pritchard’s site at:

Throughout the week Lynette Hoy, Anger Management Specialist
, presents insights and skills for managing anger. You can learn to change unhealthy anger into a positive force which accomplishes something good for yourself and others! No more yelling, swearing, manipulating or giving the ‘cold shoulder’. Train yourself to turn anger into faith, assertiveness, problem-solving, empathy and forgiveness! As a result you will find that life and relationships are much more safisfying!

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